A few more months to January 1, 2014 and knowing Kenyan bloggers, new and old, I think I have found my medicine for this year.

I had lost the energy for blogging and naming horseshit until I got this message:

Hi there,
First off good stuff you got going there (bows!)
I have a proposal/favour to ask of you if you don’t mind that is. I run a Swahili teaching blog-funlugha.wordpress.com-and I have a ‘random’ section whereby I post pretty much anything Swahili related. I was just hoping you could guest blog and post something hilarious (or not), Swahili related of cuz and with a few Swahili phrases thrown in, if it’s not too much to ask. And if you could give me a wee shout out on your blog I’d be really grateful.
Please let me know your thoughts on this and keep doing what you are doing.

Such things work on a man’s ego and he has no choice but to look at the nice lady’s blog. I have been asked to review several blogs but when I open them I find nothing to review. The content is either silly, hardly juvenile or mature, or the grammar is not at all beyond praise or reproach. Things that are “just there”. But this one had me at the first post.


  • It is a WordPress blog.
  • I like the colours. Though I hate the layout.
  • Third and most important, the blogger is brave enough to deal with that fucker of a language known as Swahili in all its beauty and bamboozling conjugation tricks ( I never know when to use the double m or the double u).

It is fine for people to have blogs in any language that rumble about anything from their loneliness and disturbing need for a life partner to very bad advice on party clothes and ideas on how to behave around our disturbing non-celebrities. However when I find a blog that focuses on language, the use of it, and how important it is to us and our culture I am moved…almost to tears.


  • I love languages. I have studied languages since I was in the womb. Immediately I was born I spoke gibberinese.
  • Languages are fun and nothing like what 8-4-4 turned them into: exams.
  • There is one more person in our new world of acronyms and criminal abuse of words that genuinely cares for proper usage.

And after my necessary and good noise, please visit Fun– Lugha and dare to prove me wrong.