Do not ask me where I have been the last two Fridays. I would not know what to tell you and I suspect you do not care. However despite not publishing anything on the blog, I was busy doing something else. I was rummaging through the Kenyan ‘blogosphere’.

This time I was not looking for something or someone to insult, scorn or chastise…chastise (that word feels terribly coarse on my fingers). I was looking for something nice. Something that would make my heart say, “Snap – Snap my strings, don’t you wish you could write like that Ed? Don’t you?”

I found five. Just five. One, two, three, four and five, such a piss considering how many of you buggers believe that you are creative writers. Not just any ordinary creative writers but creative writers with…blogs. Blogger creatives. Buggers! May all your gods forgive you for subjecting the rest of the world to your sanctified shit.

May your gods bless these five entities or persons for subjecting the rest  of the world to some of their best stories. I think some of them are holding out on us and if they are, I hope we shall see the rest of it in books and not blogs.

  • My Dear Doris


I think the writer is fat. I think he is chubby with cute cheeks,  a gut that is not a beer gut and an appetite for skimmed milk.

  • Fresh Manure


This is better than the Storymoja Blog, in my very trained opinion. No lectures and advice on writing, just good stories and poetry. Something like the Silverblade Magazine

  • AiDeeDystopia


Rumor the Monger told me that he is Kwani? ‘s adopted son. He loves his new family. If you say anything wrong in the right manner or right in the wrong manner about Kwani?,  he will  put your tongue  at the tip of a welding machine and give you an earful of sawdust.

(Punctuating Kwani? in a sentence is a problem for my punctuation marks and I. That question mark at the end of the word is giving my apostrophes and commas fits, dangerous fits.)

  • Soulfool



The writer claims to have nothing to write home about. I do not believe that blatant shameless lie.

  • Kiriga III’s Blog


I am his first male groupie. He writes like a man. I respect that.